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    Global Help For All, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit (incorporated in Delaware in 2003 . Fed Tax Id: 83-0374276). Our mission is to participate and contribute to global happiness.


    We are sector agnostic and open to whatever causes that demand our finite resources and we are happy to do our tiny bit to make this planet a better place.


    Currently, our focus has been on 4 major areas:

    • Environment-related: Phase 1: Clean water Mission. Phase  2:Electronic  &  Plastic Waste Mitigation & Recycling.
    • Machine Learning / AI / Social Media Technologies Education (free training & mentoring platform).
    • Nationwide Talent search all across US high schools, colleges and community colleges.
    • Develop a Social Media Monitoring Tool for Schools, Colleges, Non-Profits, Community Organizations to detect social signals including social unrest, hate crime, violence etc. 

    Clean Water for all

    Mission: To help local organizations to bring

    a) Help bringing clean water for under-served communities.


    Target countries: Kenya, India, and Nepal


    Clean Water: Help bringing clean water to all in major developing nations is one of our major missions. We are launching a global cultural festival to highlight the seriousness of water scarcity and water contamination. Our initial target countries will be Kenya, India and Nepal.


    We are working on a blueprint to identify scientists and water technologists who can create cost-effective water technologies for the detection of water contamination, water purification, storage, piping and distribution.


    If you would like to register, then click here


    Free Training & Mentoring on AI/ML, Social Media Technologies

    Mission: Free training, mentoring and empowerment using cutting edge AI/ML, Social Media & Internet marketing technologies

    Target: Special emphasis on high school graduates, college students,and retirees.


    Our AI/ML and Social Media Training & Mentoring platform created to empower Millenials with the information and resources they need to pursue careers in AI/ML, Social Media, internet marketing, social customer service and Analytics.


    We provide opportunities to young high-school graduates, college students, and the retired people to become expert AI/Machine Learning experts, and become digital marketers, bloggers, opinion creators and influencers in the Social Media segment.


    Participants will be trained/mentored on technologies like TensorFlow, PyTorch, AI/ML development cycle, AI/ML training, testing technologies.


    Participants will be trained on the latest Social media technologies including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Facebook Advertising, CRM, Social media-driven Customer Service, Data Mining and Sentimental Analysis.



    Nationwide Talent Search program

    Mission: Identify and unearth future AI/ Machine Learning/ Social Media technology expert talent


    In Phase 1, All major high schools/ community colleges/ colleges across the US. Eventually, we will expand it globally.


    To identify the top potential students for our AI/ Machine Learning/ Social Media education network, we will conduct a nationwide talent search program in all major high schools, community colleges and colleges across the US.


    It will be one of the largest talent search initiatives by a 501c3 non-profit. Target launch date: Summer of 2020.


    We will nurture the selected students, train them and empower them to become the next generation AI/ Machine Learning/ Social Media and digital marketing geniuses.


    If you would like to register, then click here

    Social Media Monitoring Tool

    Mission: Offer a cost-effective Social Media Monitoring Tool to detect user-defined social signals including social unrest, violence, hate crime etc.


    Social Media Monitoring tools are very expensive for non-profit organizations. In Phase 1, we will be offering Twitter-based Social Media Monitoring Tools targeted towards schools, colleges, non-profits and community organizations.


    In Phase 2, we will expand the services to other social media tools including Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp etc.



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    Selected to receive the prestigious Google Grants in-kind Donation

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    Proud recipient of Salesforce Foundation's in-kind donation

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    Proud recipient of in-kind donations from Microsoft, Adobe and others.

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    Proud recipient of in-kind donations from Bugsnag to fix software bugs.


    Srini Vasan picture CEO Global Help for All Inc, a 501c3 non profit

    Srini Vasan

    President & CEO 


    Srini Vasan is a serial entrepreneur with specialization in databases, ERP, Big Data, General Management and Social Media Analytics/Marketing. As a SAP expert, he had implemented very large global SAP clients. He had sold his earlier publicly held IT companies to other public companies.Besides developing Big data start-ups Quantum Ventura Inc, he is also advising other start-ups. He is a qualified Cost Accountant with Degrees in Math and  Management degree from MIT Sloan. He is the President of Global Help for All, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit.   He is a relentless networker and technologist with a keen eye on future. For him, there’s no point in slowing down when there’s limitless potential for change. 





    Joel Mills picture Director Global Help for all Inc

    Joel Mills 

    Chief Projects Officer


    Joel has more than 2 decades  of experience in General Management, marketing, public relations, education, film, green technologies and satellite-television distribution.  


    Joel currently specializes in building community platforms, social education, non-profits, global peace and internet based education technologies. 

    Howard Messer picture Global Help for All CFO

    Howard Messer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Howard J. Messer, CPA, is Chief Financial Officer at Zuma360 Software, Inc.,  a Member at The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and a Member at New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants.

    Mr. Messer was previously employed as Audit Manager by Arthur Andersen LLP, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President by Compuflex Systems, Inc.

    He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia. 


    501c3 approved Tax exempt US non-profit



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